multi line input?

Is there a type of entry field that would allow for me to hit enter key to start a new line so its not just one long sentence running together. So a carriage return could be saved.

For example I have field i would like users to be able to enter an address
So they could make it look like so

Bob Sponge
333 Oak St
Indianapolis, IN 55555

I guess i could make the the entry field 3 different fields. But it still will be useful for other fields I am using as well.

a) shift-enter can be used
b) you can redefine hot-keys for scheduler … ge_hotkeys

I tried redefining the hot key for save in the init code:

scheduler.keys.edit_save = 11;

It fails to render the grid properly. Basically I want to preserve the CR in the formatiing. Thanks,

The problem is that scheduler renders text inside events as HTML, which means - new lines will not be preserved.
You can try to alter the related template

return “