Multi line issue

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In the below image the selected rows and second column data contains multi line data,
so it’s row height is more then the other rows.

is it possible to set fixed height to all the rows?

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unfortunately such feature is not available.

Hi All,

Go to the below link. … e_col.html

There are two columns Book Title and Author.


The grid support multiline.

Not to support multiline feature in Author column below code is written, And it is working fine in that example.
mygrid.loadXML("…/common/grid_ml_16_rows_columns_manipulations.xml", function() {
mygrid.forEachRow(function(id) {
mygrid.cells(id, 2).cell.className = ‘not_m_line’;

But when i am putting data with “

” it doesn’t work.
Example:- put this data “


” in any of the cell in Author Column.

Can it is possible to fixed the height of all the row whether it contains multiline data or single line data.


Its very easy.In my opinion you can easily fix the heights of rows and columns from the tools menu.Also help menu can guide you on this query.

Hi Brunoa,

Thanks for your reply.
Can you please suggest me how i can over come this problem by using “tools menu”.

The data which are rendering in the grid are entered by user form a text editor. So the data may contains HTML tag.




Below Screen shot shows how the data looks in the DHTMLX grid.