Multi-line list item and group list item


I try to make a multi-line list item and group list item, after adding
into the return string of templateItem function. The 2nd line show out of the area.

 templateItem: function(obj) {

                                                return Something<br/>obj.title + "<div class='dhx_list_result_cell2'>"+obj.sales+"</div>";


Then I try to add the css to change, but seems no result.

[code]view:“grouplist”, id:“layout_searchresult”, url:“”, datatype:“xml”, select:true, css:“two_lines”, type:{


.two_lines .dhx_el_label {
    line-height:21px;  /*43px is default*/

May I know what is wrong with the code please?

Solution with css class is correct, just change the way how class defined to

<styles> .two_lines .dhx_list_item{ line-height:16px; white-space: normal; } </styles>