Multi-line Trees displaying with Horiz. scroll bars in IE

My trees all display just fine in Firefox 3.6, but when I tried viewing them in IE 8, I got a bunch of horizontal scroll bars. What went wrong?

Sample can be viewed: [url][/url]

We have tried FireFox and IE - trees don’t appear in both. Try to check that the tree container has desired sizes

IE 6.0 on XP sometimes doesn’t show check boxes or plus signs
IE 7.0 on XP works fine
IE 8.0 on XP shows horizontal scrollbars

As seen in Adobe BrowserLab: … 0;zoom=100

I got it to work in IE 8.0 by adding this line in the header:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7">

But what is happening that the dhtmlx tree doesn’t wrap properly in IE 8.0?

Does the problem occur in the … _line.html sample or the standard “multiline” sample from the tree package ?