Multi select checkbox combo within a grid

Hi team,

I have done Multi select checkbox combo within free form.But How can i do it in Grid.




the PRO edition of the grid provides “combo” excell implementation of the dhtmlxcombo. This excell can be modified to display combo with checkbox type.

But possibly clist excell will be more appropriate in this case: … extra.html (in this sample the third column is clist).

Hi team,
        I am using Pro Edition and my code is

var grdCombo=gridObj.getColumnCombo(gridObj.getColIndexById(0));
grdCombo.addOption([[‘1’,‘W missing’],[‘2’,‘Age proof missing’],[‘3’,‘EBI missing’],[‘4’,‘Image not clear’]]);

How can i implement combo with checkbox.

To implement combo with checkbox you can do the following:

- to include dhtmlxcombo_extra.js extention

- to locate the following line in the dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js

var combo = new dhtmlXCombo(container,“combo”,0);

and replace it with

var combo = new dhtmlXCombo(container,“combo”,0,“checkbox”);

If you need the ready modification, please contact us at and we’ll send you the modified dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js