Multi-User Sync won't work :)

Hello dear DHTMLx-Team :slight_smile:

After years of working with an outdated scheduler 2.1 i was looking for Multi.User support, which the connector basicly provides (when i update the files od course), but than, the scheduler won’t do it, in this old version :slight_smile:

I am now thinking of buying the newest version of dhtmlxScheduler again, but for this is need to get it running in a test environment with this version first !!!

So i tried inserting the new setAutoUpdate functions (and the new one’s this function needs) into my old 2.1 scheduler.js … Hardly works, but always get a problem.

So i downloaded the latest 4.1.0 scheduler version, into a clear environment, with new database and so on, builded my example from the ground up:

  • Added the actions-table into the database and added the enable_live_update() command to the events.php
  • Added dp.setAutoUpdate(2000) to my scheduler call

Now i came to the point, where i got the axact same error like with the 2.1 version:
The function loadUpdate (which is from my point of view connected with the setAutoUpdate() ) especially the calls

var version = this.obj.getUserData(0,"version");
[/code] and [code]

leads to an error on chrome developer console:

[b]Cannot read property 'firstChild' of undefined [/b]

The problem seems to be in the _v - function if (node.firstChild) return node.firstChild.nodeValue;
and i tried to comment both of them out. But still the error occurs over here… Sadly on a total different place, so now i have no idea what i can do to bring it to work.

Understand me right: I am just using the provides files from the actuall scheduler-download, no other tweaks or code-updates done so far !!! Shouldn’t it run with the updates i did, like they are explained in the manual @ ?

Perhaps i should ask a general question at this moment: IS THIS THE RIGHT FUNCTION FOR MY NEEDS?

What i need is a automatic syncing scheduler, where i can add or change informations on PC A and they are seamlessly updated without clicking anything at PC B :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your help, i hope i did nothing in generally wrong!

Best wished from Germany,

Hello again,

i tried it once again from the ground up, but it again fails with the errors descriped above… I found another How-To Page about Live-Update Mode on your site, working with node.js, but unfortunatly i have no way to use it, because i have only shared hosting :frowning:((

You need to have a socket server for multi-user sync. It can be nodejs, tornado or jetty, the default shared hosting can’t be used for such scenario.

Article and samples about Faye integration is kind of outdated, we will update it in next weeks.

Oh, this took me about half a day :confused: