Multicolumn combo demo (std 4.0.3)

Here is a multicolumn combo demo. Used combo std 4.0.3 (27.1 KB)

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I have tried the demo but it did not work. I unzipped the source into temp folder and tried open demo.html in Chrome Browser. It shows the screen of Combobox but it did not shows any data in the combolist when I typed some values in Combobox.


You need to load it “under” any local server

When we wrote own version of multicolumn combo we had error with regex too (for example, type in “*” or “someword**”).

About filtration: if user want type in “fortune”, combo must show “Copenhagen, Denmark…” .
In other words, add FULL filtration

By the default template.input is filtered, for full text filter please use attached update (27.8 KB)

Are you going to add caption (Flag, Country, Capital, Proverb)?

I add try catch in _doFullTextFilter to fix errors with regexes.

And how can I add option using [b]addOption/b.
Or was there still no possibility to do so?


myCombo.addOption( "newId", {country: "New Title", capital: "New Capital", proverb: "New proverb"}, null, "flag.png" );


Thank you for this great example.
One question: it is possible to get the same result with XML? Or it does only work with JSON?

Thank you!


please try attached (907 Bytes)

Many Thanks Andrei! That works very fine!