MultiColumn combo with grouping combo and attached to Form

Hi All,

Could we use multicolumn combo with grouping attached to dhtmlxform?

I could make combo boxes working fine with grouping as well as attaching to dhtmlxform.
However, when I load sample multicolumn(with xml) data into combo box, it show some letters after you select but there is no multicolumn showed up.

At least, if anyone know whether it is possible or not, that will be helpful.


To clarify your question could you provide us with something like mockup (schematic picture) with expected result?

It is possible (to answer the original question). I have forms now with extremely complex grouping, certain ones are disabled based upon values of others, some are straight “options” basic combos, others are real-time server side filters. All work flawlessly - only bug I found is the label does not undisable - and I am working on that now. Developing a proof of concept SaaS accounting system (porting our v14.0 app to web).


Hello ozznixon
It seems like you already have answer here: