multiline for tree type cell?

hello is there any way for having multiline for tree cell?

pls. see attached image

i could do it only with a hack in treegrid_pro.js (marked red)

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the problem is that i couldnt find that part in treegrid_pro.js code responsible for changing + / - images when you click on it to expand/collapse (so it keeps the + sign…)

thanks for help

oh… many function wont work this way. a give up. would be nice having this feature anyway…

Multi line of “tree” cell is disabled to prevent some visual problems. Unfortunately we haven’t work around for this.

Hi olga,

We are trying to create a tree grid in our program for our client. We need it to have word wrap function. Do you have multiline function for tree grids now. We really need it now. Thanks.

We still do not have multiline function for tree grids.