Multiline (one column) in multicolumn combo


Is it possible to create a multiline row in multicolumn Combo (smiliar to grid object column) ?



With dhtmlx all is possible. Please try attached. Don’t forget to change paths to dhtmlx js/css in section.

Did I pass the test? :slight_smile:
17.ZIP (3.78 KB)

Hi Andre,

Thanks for your quick reply.
Great Framework, In DHTMLX I believe (With dhtmlx all is possible) :slight_smile: ,

Yeah, You did it Man, You did it :slight_smile:

I gather that the dhtmlxCombo knows to use the added multiline CSS/JS code from the 4th parameter passed being “mcol_mline”?

myCombo2 = new dhtmlXCombo("combo_zone_script2", "combo_script", 200, "mcol_mline");

My question is: how do I create a multi-line combo when that combo is in a form I’ve created from XML/JSON?

e.g. at the moment, I have a form JSON stored in variable XPath_Expression, with code:

XPath_ExpressionForm = LayoutLeftPaneBottom.attachForm(XPath_Expression); XPath_ExpressionForm.getCombo("Selector_Method").enableFilteringMode("between");

How do I make a combo in the form ‘XPath_ExpressionForm’ a multi-line combo?

Maybe something like…

XPath_ExpressionForm.getCombo("Selector_Method").<do something here> ???

Thankyou for your time :slight_smile:

param comboType should be added into formData for type:combo
{type: “combo”, label: “Multiline combo”, name: “combo”, comboType: “mcol_mline”}

also since 4.5 there is a replaceHtml method which converts < > & and space into html entities, so you have to add dhtmlXCombo.prototype.modes.mcol_mline.html = true; to omit conversion (if you’re sure html will not used) or you have to modify replaceHtml and remove space from conversion, otherwise some browser will not wrap lines (should be space instead of &nbsp)

This worked perfectly, thankyou Andrei! :sunglasses:

Just for interests sake, will you add a multi-line combo option to the default codebase soon?

It doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to add without impacting existing use of the API?


unfortunately we do not have such plans for now.