Multiple addMarkedTimespans On One Date

Hi all, I’m currently trying to block off times on the scheduler but I need to two so in two completely separate functions.
Thus far if I perform an addMarkedTimespan for one date and then do it again for the same date, the second addMarkedTimespan never shows up, only the first. How can I solve this?

The code in question:
In function A
data.forEach(function(obj) {
days: new Date(,
zones: [obj.start * 60, obj.end * 60],
invert_zones: false,
html: “” + obj.desc + “”,
type: “dhx_time_block”,
css: obj.color + “_section”

in function B
data.forEach(function(obj) {
var weekday = obj.weekday;
if (weekday == 7) weekday = 0;

			var start = obj.start.split(":");
			var end = obj.end.split(":");				
			var totalStart = parseInt(start[0]) * 60 + parseInt(start[1]);
			var totalEnd  = parseInt(end[0]) * 60 + parseInt(end[1]);

				days: weekday,
				zones: [0, totalStart, totalEnd, 24*60],
				invert_zones: false,
				type:  "dhx_time_block",
				css: "grey_section"

After a bit of experimentation I actually figured this out. For some reason, specific dates will overwrite pre-existing weekday days, so if you have something marked for Thursdays at noon, but have something specific for Thursday the 12th of May at 3, the noon time span will disappear.