Multiple Cell / Block Selection Feature Request for Grid


i’ve got a question concerning the selection feature in your grid. As of now I found no way to select multiple cells. The grid only allows selection a whole row. The block selection feature already goes into the right direction I am looking for but does not allow multiple selections as I would expect by pressing shift/alt. Have I missed such a feature, is it not available or is it maybe already planned. In latter case I would like know, when such a feature can be expected.

I am currently evaluating different JS components for a client, who needs such functionality. I am looking forward to an answer.

Thanks in advance and regards,

W. Schwittek

Selection model of grid based on rows, so grid can have multiple selected rows, but can’t have multiple selected cells in the same time.
Block selection allows to use only one selection area per grid

Can you please describe for which use-case you need such functionality? ( So far we can’t see any real usage for having multiple block selection in a grid. )

Thank you for that quick answer. We’re planning to realise a calendar for a staff planning app. The treegrid should describe a matrix that show days of a month spanning the horizontal axis and all persons vertically. If you like to plan a hole bunch of persons for different days simultaniously it is necesarry to multiple select the days.

Of course, this is quite a special use case. But another more obvious use case what comes into my mind are all those spreadsheet apps that open a whole set of imaginable use cases. Think about it. :wink:

Kind regards,

W. Schwittek