Multiple Charts in one

Hi guys,
Is it possible to have more than one chart type on the same chart object?
Say having a bar chart with some line chart that represents some aggregated value taken from the bar? This feature is available on YUI charts by the way.


unfortunately, it is impossible combine several chart types.


Thanks Alexandra,
I don’t know why it is impossible when other tools have successfully achieved it? We are currently in the process of evaluating several JS tools (ExtJS, DHX, Dojo, YUI, …etc) and we need to calrify some of the required features.

Hi Stanislav,
Thanks for your reply and your example. This is exactly what we after, but looking at the example code I don’t understand how the Bar and Line charts ended up on the same graph?

Thanks a lot for your help.



I don’t understand how the Bar and Line charts ended up on the same graph?

the result is achieved by the layout of chart containers:



The container of the line chart is over the bar chart container.

I see! Clever trick!
Thank you…

i know, there exists new version of dhtmlxChart that support multiple series, but i’m not ready for right now to replace it in my project. So i’ve implemented the approach proposed by Alexandra (two divs with absolute position). But there appears another problem. Since one div lies under another in z-order, only top chart displays value tooltips when pointing with mouse.
Is there a way how to make bottom chart to display tooltips?


unfortunately, there is not possibility for display tooltips of bottom chart

may be some trick? e.g. bring to front bottom chart when mouse pointer is over its line. in this case the second chart has “to know” where first chart data is drawn

Probably you need to use series of charts if you need to show tooltips.

Hi, Alexandra.
I’ve got one more idea.
As I believe, your component dispatches all mouse events of its container.
What if we could translate those messages to the container of another chart that lies at the bottom?


unfortunately, it is impossible to listen to events of a botton chart in the top chart.