Multiple classification in events.

Hi guys,

I want to know if it is possible to classify an event in multiple ways. I’ve seen an example where you can put types to an event. I want to know if you can put another way to classify it.

Example I want to classify an event in two ways:

  • Type (university, sports, meetings …)
  • Subject (biology, chemistry, maths…)

So, when I create an event I would have two comboBox, one with the types and one with the subjects.( I manage to do this, but I couldn’t relate it to the event correctly)

It would be awesome if the subject only appears if the type is university. Or if it changes dynamically.

I want to do this, because later I want to filter this information, so I can show in the calendar only the events of university, or only de events of biology.

Sorry if this subject has been discussed before, but I haven’t found anything like this in the forum.

Thank u very much!

adding a type or subject is usually done by defining a custom property of an event, and adding a lightbox control to write into this property.

Scheduler events can have arbitrary number of properties, so you can add multiple ‘type’ properties.

what you need to do, is

  1. add a custom column to the db and into configuration of the connector, so the property will be loaded to client … madatabase

  2. add a control to the lightbox and fill it with options