Multiple concurrent recurring events problem

I’m putting together a group scheduler which includes scheduling two recurring events in several time slots. When I go to make edits to both events, it leaves behind a “third” event. Is there anything that can be done? Is it beyond the scope of what the scheduler can do?

The question isn’t clear enough. Possibly some picture will help to understand the problem

That’s what’s going on. Is this beyond the scope of what dhtmlxscheduler can do?

I’m thinking for a quick and dirty work around, I can have the Room 2 event start 5 minutes before or after Room 1.

Just for more information, I’m generating this via the Joomla! frontend component with recurring events enabled.

I put together two concurrent recurring events, edited one day’s single occurrence for both of them and it’s leaving behind a third event where the last recurring event I edited was. I’m guessing this shouldn’t be beyond the capabilities of the scheduler, since it can do concurrent events.

Try to use the following:

scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = true;

In this case the detail form for will appear where you can choose either to modify one event or the whole set of events.

That’s not my problem. The problem is, when I create single day edits on more than 1 event that occurs at the same time as each other, it’s leaving behind an occurrence of the last entry edited. Moving the time of one event didn’t really fix the problem. In the provided screen shot, it should only be showing “Room 2 taken”, “Room 1 taken” instead it’s showing “Room 2 available”, “Room 2 taken”, “Room 1 taken.”

Should I host the XML file somewhere so I can show what I’m talking about?

We’ve recreated the issue. When the fix is ready, we’ll send it to you.

Thanks! :smiley: