Multiple data sources for grid?


I have datasets on two different databases, one is on SQL Server, the other is on MySQL. I’d like to load both to a grid at the same time.

Is it possible to do this, please, using dataprocessor? Something like:

mygrid.load([“first/source/some.php”,“second/source/other.php”], “xml”);

I know the scheduler has this ability. It would be great if the grid did too!



You may try to use the following solution to load the additional data:
grid.load(xml1, function(){

That worked, sematik! Thank you!

Sematik, hello,

One more question, please. What if I wanted to use three datasources to load into a grid? I tried this:

dhxGridActivities.load("projectTasks.php", function() { dhxGridActivities.updateFromXML("projectTasks2.php"), function() { dhxGridActivities.updateFromXML("projectTasks2a.php"); }; });
But it only loads the first two. Please advise? Thank you!


Please, refer to the attributes of the updateFromXML method: … omxml.html
the callback function is the 4th attribute.