Multiple database tables in Gantt

Is it possible to pull from multiple database tables using the gantt_connector. I have a “Work Order” table and then a “Tasks” table where the tasks are referenced to particular work orders. So I would like to show a gantt chart where each Work Order essentially listed as a project on the gantt chart with each associated Task in the tree under its parent work order.

Ideally I would like to take this a step further as I have a “Requests” table that is a parent to the “Work Orders” which is a parent to the “Tasks”. So I would like to be able to ideally to open 3 tables with the gantt_connector. Can I do that simply with a sql join command. If so would the dataprocessor be able to write back to each of the 3 tables from changes in the gantt chart?

Please point me to an example for this if this is possible.

It possible to use GanttConnector to load data from multiple tables, you can use render_sql command , instead of render_table. That will give possibility to use any SQL code for selecting source data for the Gantt. … ral_tables

Unfortunately it will not work for data saving. You will need to define a custom sql or a custom logic to handle saving in case of multiple source tables.

Also, the Gantt is not limited to Connectors. You can use ANY code on server side to generate and output json structure with a gantt’s data. Similar with saving. While we suggesting connectors, as simple way to integrate gantt with a server side, it possible to use custom code for data saving as well.