multiple editForms

i have two kinds of event-dataitems.
each item needs its own input-form.
in the normal dhtmlxscheduler i used scheduler.showLightbox to set my own lightbox-method and to provide the input-form i need.
but in mobile scheduler its only possible to set the rows of scheduler.config.form before initialisation.

can i change the scheduler.config.form property on demand if the scheduler is already initialized?

e.g.: two items …

{"Classname":"myClass_1","color":"#FFC1A4","end_date":"2012\/03\/23 20:30:00","id":"000000e9:0001ce85","readonly":true,"start_date":"2012\/03\/23 19:30:00","text":"Testevent 1","textColor":"#000000", specialAttribute1:"test"}


{"Classname":"myClass_2","color":"#FFC1A4","end_date":"2012\/03\/23 20:30:00","id":"000000e9:0001ce86","readonly":false,"start_date":"2012\/03\/23 19:30:00","text":"Testevent 2","textColor":"#000000", specialAttribute2:"another test"}

so the item with Classname=myClass_1 needs another form than Classname=myClass_2.

i already tried to remove the elements of the “editForm”-view…but didn’t work

var editForm2 = dhx.ui({
					elements:  [
			    { view: "text", label: "Event", name: 'text' },
			    { view: "datepicker", label: "Start", name: 'start_date', timeSelect: 1, dateFormat: dhx.i18n.fullDateFormat },
			    { view: "datepicker", label: "End", name: 'end_date', timeSelect: 1, dateFormat: dhx.i18n.fullDateFormat },
			    {view: "text", label: "Location", name: 'location' },
                { view: "text", label: "Location2", name: 'location2' },
			    {view: "button", label: "Delete", name: "delete", id: "delete" }

$$('scheduler').$$('editForm').elements= editForm2.elements;

How may different sets of form elements do you want to get ? There are 3 form elements that can not be removed:

Possibly it would be enough to use hide()/show() method for other form elements…

ok thats a workaround. i just need two different views.
so its not possible to change the editForm on the fly?

Usage hide()/show() methods is the most simple way. We would recommend to use it.