Multiple events triggering(onEventAdded and onEventChanged) on recurring event update

I am using “dhtmlx-scheduler”: “^6.0.2” in my angular 14 application. I am using postgres DB to store the events and the frontend uses a java api for the CRUD operations. When I try to update single occurrence of a series, both onEventAdded and onEventChanged are triggered.

Hello @rajeswarij ,

It’s correct behavior, as when you are editing one of the occurrences, the 2 things are happens -
1.The scheduler creates a separate event record, that is connected with the parent series.
2. The scheduler changes the data of the recurring series, to add record about changed occurrence.

You can read about it more detailed by the following link:


Ref: Recurring Events Scheduler Docs
According to this page :point_up_2: , when you modify a particular occurrence of a series, a separate record is created in the DB. And the parent event is not touched at all. And I dont understand why we need to update the parent record. Can you explain this?

This is from your official page.

Shortly, your actions are the following:

1. To create a recurring event ***(17.00-23.00)*** from **July 27,2012** till **August 12,2012**.
2. To edit a particular occurrence on **July 27,2012** - to change the time period ***from 17.00-23.00 to 19.00-23.00***.
3. To delete a particular occurrence on **August 1,2012** from the series.

Consequently, we should have 3 records referring to our recurring event in the DB.