Multiple files not uploaded


tried to use vault and noticed that it only works if files are uploaded 1 by 1.

If I add 2 files and press “Upload” then the 1st file is uploaded but the second is not. It seems that it gets in some kind of endless loop and nothing happens.

I use the “php_simple” handlers.

        <div id="status">Status Report Here</div>
        <div id="uploader"></div>
            vault=new dhtmlXVaultObject();
            vault.onUploadComplete = function(files) {
                var s="";
                for (var i=0; i<files.length; i++) {
                    var file = files[i];
                    s += ("id:" + + ",name:" + + ",uploaded:" + file.uploaded + ",error:" + file.error)+"\n";


Exactly the same problem here… Only occurs in Chrome though…

Please try to use the new version of dhtmlxVault. You can download the latest update here: … ndex.shtml