multiple grids on single page, help needed


I’m having trouble to display multiple grids on a single page.

what I intend to do is:

  1. create a static
2. create a tabbar. attach one tab to div ('tables') using attachObject. 3. dynamically create child divs inside 'tables' depends on the data generated from server. 4. create grid object and attach to those dynamic divs using "new dhtmlXGridObject("table1")".

I can see the the headers are properly displayed. however, no data is parsed into the grid(proved by checking the final html elements.).

Can I ask if there is anything wrong?

or if there is any alternatives?

Many thanks.

It all sounds fine, the only thing which need to be checked - you must not create multiple grid’s in the same html container, if you plan to create many grids at once, you need to separate html container for each.

If problem still occurs - provide any kind of sample or demo link .

By the way, you can use attachGrid to attach grid objects directly to the tab.