Multiple grids - one selection

I have a page with 3 diferents grids (mygrid1,mygrid2 and mygrid3).

Each grid contains similar data and the user can select only one row from the three grids.

If the user selects, for the first time, data from one grid e.g. mygrid1, i have no problem. I get the selection (attachEvent–>onRowSelect,function()…) and everything is fine.

But if the user, makes a selection e.g by mistake,and then he wants to change his selection (e.g. to a row from mygrid2), then I want to clear the selection for the “mygrid1”, otherwise i will have two rows selected (one for the mygrid1 and another for the mygrid2) .

I have tried to get the mygrid1 with

var g=document.getElementById(“mygrid1”); \ supposed to


but I get the error: Null value, the document… doesn’t an object.

I tried also

this=mygrid1; \ supposed to


but nothing happens…

What is your suggestion? How can I iterate throught the other grids and clear the primary selection?

To clear selection of the grid you can use method mygrid1.clearSelection();