Multiple grids with php connectors on same page

I am using multiple grids on a same html page - each with their own php connectors. I am seeing a problem where the php connectors each run 30 seconds apart and asynchronously. So if I have 3 grids on my page, it takes 1 minute completely load. The first grid loads in about 1 second, the next grid loads 30 seconds later and the final grid loads at 1 minute.

There is hardly any data at all, so I think this is a configuration issue or a poor coding technique. I can provide a coding example, but before doing so I was curious if the information I provided would suggest a solution. Has anyone seen this before?

I’ve used dhtmlx grids for quite some time, but have never used the php connectors until recently.


It actually seems like the problem is that connectors/grids are accessing the same table in MS SQL. One grid is getting one type of record from that table and another grid is getting another type. I hope this information helps someone recognize what I’ve done wrong or perhaps can recommend a better solution.

Thanks in advance for your help!