Multiple Images in a Cell

Is it possible to display more than 1 image in a cell? I am trying to do this in a Dhtml Tree Grid. Any info is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

There is no way to do it with standard excell types, but you can design custom excell with any desired funcitonality.
Also you can use any of default excells ( ro for example ) and use HTML as value

<![CDATA[ ]]>

The HTML method is handy for placing a few icons into a single column, which  can then be used to initiate various actions.

Unfortunately, the image title will not display on mouseover of the images. Presumably this is because the grid is capturing or blocking the mouseover action. Disabling tooltips does not help.

Is there anyway to allow image titles to display?

You can add next code, it will fully block tooltips generated by grid , and as result “title” attribute of img tags will work as expected.

    return false;

The event receives the column index as parameter, so it possible to modify it, so it will block grid generated tooltips only for necessary column.