Multiple key fields on render_table


I have tables that have more than one field in the primary key - For example accountID and userID.

When using render_table I need to have “AND accountID = ‘xyz’” added to all of the CRUD operations to make sure that the record updated is for the current account - not for all accounts.

I can’t find a way to use render_table without adding custom SQL in the before_render or using something like render_complex_sql.

Is there a way to add the necessary WHERE constraint for render_table ?

If not can you please add it as a feature. This is a crucial requirement to support any tables with multiple primary key fields. In our case - all tables.


See this chapter
May be it’s helps you …

Hi Sloth

Thanks for answering. The ->filter method does not apply the filter on updates - only on selects.
Of course that would be the perfect solution if it worked. I wonder if that is actually a bug.


Yes it’s true, updates has problems with this mechanism. But i made some changes in the connector source code to solve this issue, and now i’m testing how it works.

You can get modified connector in my fork on GitHub … us-filters

hello all,
How to render table in table using augments

I would like to render column2 using augments.
Problem is then when add column2 to fieldPaths and use $ as paths in augments like this :

“{json-table: paths=$}%1%{json-table}” it doesn’t work. Is there any way to reference table in augments ? Any help would be appreciated :exclamation: