Multiple resource functionality with dhtmlxScheduler

Hi, I’m using the Wordpress plugin (Event Calendar / Scheduler) version of the scheduling system, and would like to know if there’s a way to handle multiple resources. Specifically, I am using it to schedule conference room availability, and would like to handle more than one room. I can see a couple ways to do this, are any of these possible with this program?

Option A: Multiple calendars on one page, and multiple databases (so the user sees a calendar for “Room 1” and a calendar for “Room 2”, each with its own set of events).

Option B: Multiple “resources” which can be chosen when a new event is added, that will show up differently in the calendar display (different colors, etc). So the user would see a single calendar, but times booked in Room 1 would be red, and in Room 2 would be blue. Times for Room 1 could overlap times in Room 2 but not other events in Room 1.

Option C: Multiple categories or tags for events, with corresponding colors or labels of some kind. Again, it would be great if you can’t book overlaps within one category but can across multiple categories.

I would love if there’s a way to do this with this plugin. I’ve looked into other plugins that can do multiple resource bookings and events, but they’re mostly set up for other types of events and/or require more hoops to jump through to add an event.

Option B: Multiple “resources”
It can be done with scheduler plugin

  • open scheduler’s admin
  • create custom field of “select” type
  • add resources to the select list
  • check “use as units” or “use as timeline” checkbox for that custom field … tom_fields