Multiple Resource per event, won't display for each resource

We’re developing an application where our resources are workers who can be assigned to work orders. There can be multiple workers per work order. In the screenshot below, on the left hand side we activate the workers to see their schedule. For some reason it will not display an event under both people when they are both assigned and activated. It only seems to display it for the person who is last alphabetically. In the screenshot below, the appointment “#clean rooms” should appear at 6am for both resources. Any ideas if this is supported? Or a work around?

see a full sample of screenshot here.

by the design event can be assigned to a single resource only. Scheduler checks property where resource key is stored and displays event under the related resourse.
You may try modifying units view client-side to make it work with many-to-many relation. The possible solution is not to render multi-resource event directly, but to create several ‘virtual’ events from it and display them.
but I’m not sure if there is a simple way to do it