Multiple Resource View loading more than 3 lakh events


Is it possible to load 4 lakh events in Multiple Resource View using dhtmlxscheduler? I tried to load 2 lakh 50,000 i got time out java script error after 15 minutes. Any help would be really appreciated.

Karthick K.

You can try to use dyn. loading - in such case scheduler will load only events which need to be rendered, not all events at once.

Hi Stanislav,

What do you mean by dynamic loading? how to achieve this using dhtmlxscheduler? In my application i have hierarchy level users like admin. If admin log-in i have to load all the events for all the users. In this case what should i do? how can i use dynamic loading in dhtmlxscheduler?

Karthick K.


Please check Dynamical Loading page in documentation for more details.

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Hi Ilya,

Thanks for the link. Its very useful.

Karthick K.