Multiple Resources View in Joomla Module

First of all, thank you for this splendid application. I installed the Joomla module, and it worked out of the box. Now I’m wondering if the Multiple Resources View is available in the Joomla module. Any help is appreciated.

Second question: I’m considering to install the scheduler as a standalone application but have no clue how to do this. I couldn’t find any documentation on the website so please give me a hint. Thank you.


Go in admin part of site => components => scheduler
Here select “custom fields” section and create new custom field with type=“select”, and check “use as Units” - it will allow you to define a list of options ( “resources” ) … tom_fields

Thanks for the reply. I succeded in creating and displaying the resources in the timeline view but when I activate the checkbox “use as units” no content at all is displayed in the scheduler area (cf. attached pic). Any ideas what’s going wrong here?


P.S. Suggestion for a feature: Make the list of resources sortable (to choose the order of the resources).

Things are getting worse over time… After a good start and everything working well (except the use as units checkbox) I logged on again and got an empty popup window, and no data is displayed. Deinstallation and complete new installation did not resolve the problem, debug mode did not reveal details, pointing to a general server side problem only. No clue what may have caused this unexpected behaviour. Any idea?


Now it works. No clue why. No more strange popup window. I did nothing but logging on and off. I will keep you updated…