Multiple rows in a single cell

Hi, I was trying to get a cell to have 2 or more rows, kind of like the SubRow but without any control widget to show the data. It’s kind of like a td with the wrap option, but I need to control where the break occurs in the text. For example, this would be in one cell:

Text for line one
Text for line two
Text for line three

I’ve tried sending the text with a
but it and the text after is stripped. I also tried “\n”, but although all the lines showed, they were not wrapped.

Can this be done and, if so, how from an HTML feed.

Thanks! BTW, I find your online support to be really really awesome!


Try this:
For initialization from HTML table

… or multiline cell

That worked GREAT! Sorry I missed the article in the docs.

So, I’m now trying to control the font style, such that the first line is in black, but the second line is in red.

Is that possible?

line 1
line 2

NM, it IS possible! you just have to escape the brackets of the HTML tag u use, like <span style=“color: red” >…your text here…</span>