multiple schedules on single web site

I would like to display multiple schedules on the same web site (different menus). When i attempt to do so, every event I place on one calendar auto-updates the other calendar with the same events. How do I create two separate calendars?

If you are using plugin - not possible
If you are using standalone version - just use different data feeds.

will there be an update in near future which supports multiple calendars on a single website?
i am using the joomla plugin.

Unfortunately we do not plan such improvements in nearest future.

What do you class as the “nearest future” ??That was sep 2010, now dec 2011…can you now do multiple different schedules on single website? thanks :slight_smile:

I have to port several sites from another CMS to Joomla. One of the sites has a public calendar and a private calendar. The private calendar is only accessible by registered users. Being able to support multiple schedules/calendars is a critical decision point in which Joomla component is selected. The dhtmlxScheduler can do everything the existing calendar module can do in the other CMS except support multiple calendars. Has there been any further thought given to supporting multiple calendars on the same web site using the plugin?

Hi, we don’t have plans to implement multiple calendars.
It’s still “Nearest future” :wink:

hey guys,

i really like your plugin. Any movement on the multiple calendars situation? I have found calendar plugins that allow you to change the shortcode to manipulate what events show on certain calendars, so I can have multiple calendars for multiple cities (and their events)…is this possible?


it’s possible from technical side but we don’t have plans to implement it for now.

Hi, thanks for the fast reply!

May i be so bold as to ask why? And when you say from the technical side, does that mean someone with appropriate knowledge could write it in? I dont have that knowledge mind you so wont change much if it does!

Its a shame though as you have the cleanest, best calendar plugin around (and ive searched all of them) but the inability to create multiple calendars means i cant use your plugin!


Oh and what is the stand alone version? earlier in this thread it is mentioned that multiple calendars are possible using the stand alone version.


standalone version is dhtmlxScheduler component - web-based application: … x.shtml?mn

event-calendar-scheduler plugin was designed on the base of dhtmlxScheduler standalone version.

Hi there. It is possible to have two or more Schedulers on Joomla. You need to innstall Scheduler again to have another calendar, but that require some code edit. I will tell you how to do it step by step:

*you will need Notepad++ or similar text editor to do multiple changes at once.

  1. unpack
  2. open install.xml
  3. in line 3 find Scheduler and change it for Scheduler2
  4. in line 19 find scheduler.php and change it for scheduler2.php
  5. in line 298 find Scheduler and change it for Scheduler2
  6. in line 301 find admin.scheduler.php and change it for admin.scheduler2.php
  7. save it (Ctrl+S)
  8. in text editor (like Notepad++) use „Search in files” option (Ctrl+Shift+F). Then you look for „events_rec” and replace all to „events_rec2” in all files of unpacked folder (there should be 11 occurences replaced)
  9. then again you change „scheduler_options” in all files for „scheduler_options2” (there should be 9 occurences replaced)
  10. again you change „com_scheduler” in all files for „com_scheduler2” (there should be 54 occurences replaced)
  11. now go to /admin/ folder and change filename ‘admin.scheduler.php’ to ‘admin.scheduler2.php’
  12. next go to /site/ folder and change filename ‘scheduler.php’ to ‘scheduler2.php’
  13. make z new .ZIP file and that’s it!

Now you can install Scheduler2 component in your Joomla!

How can we do same thing for WordPress site?

Kind Regards,

unfortunately we don’t support such functionality, but you try to do it yourself.