Multiple Selection of Events for Timeline


We have a requirement of selecting multiple events on timeline view. Also events of different resources should be selectable at the same time.

On top of this, the current demo only shows a day’s events for timeline view, however we require the month view as well. Is this feature supported?

Above two are must to have features for our product and our decision of whether to go with this control or not depends on the response.



  1. the multiselection is not supported. The selection by itself may be implemented with a client-side API relatively simple - handle click events and ‘remember’ clicked items. Selected items can be highlighted with custom css class using event_class template … event.html … event.html … plate.html

However, based on your requirements (e.g. sync drag and drop, or other operations) it may take additional amount of coding

  1. Yes, Timeline can be shown in any units from minutes to years, it is configured via X_Unit property of timeline object … properties

I have a similar requirement. How would someone implement multiselect and drag-drop on the timeline scheduler view? We would like to utilize the PRO version to replace an existing calendar component.

Can jQuery draggable be used?