Multiple sources Load = 404 not found

Hello everyone,

have two questions:

  1. I’d like to use multiple sources. If I work with one source, it works. If I add another source, I get a 404 - Not Found. I see in the console that both sources are loaded one after the other and not as an array.

that works

Console: /test/calendar,/test/calendar_new : 404 not found
not works

  1. when calling the calendar (Minical) in the lightbox the dates are displayed. The days are highlighted in color. Can I deactivate this? Only the calendar should be displayed without marking.

Ciao Thomas

Hello @thomas-9991

1 Unfortunately, you can specify only one url in load method. As a workaround, you can combine data from 2 sources to store them in one variable and then parse it on the page.

2 To solve it, you just need to redefne defaut CSS to disable highlight for the selector:

 .dhx_mini_calendar .dhx_calendar_click{
  	background-color: transparent;

Please check how it works in the snippet: