multiple sub_row_grid corruption

I have two sub_row_grids in two rows:

mygrid.setHeader(“ID,Message,Comments,Followers, -”);

when I had a row to mygrid like:

mygrid.addRow(1, [“1”, “test”, “posts/1/followers/grid”, “posts/1/comments/grid”, “”])

the problem:

for loading both sub_row_grid (on ‘+’ button click), dhtmlx uses the URL “posts/1/comments/grid”.
if I switch the 2 URLs in addRow, it will load both sub grids from “posts/1/followers/grid”.

It looks like for any sub grid in the same row, dhtmlx is using the last sub_row_grid value.

any suggestions?


Any row can have no more than one cell with “sub_row_grid” type.