Multiple Tables loading events

Hi Everyone

I have 2 tables.

1 with public holidays in. (which needs to be read only)
1 with personal events in (view/edit/delete etc)

There personal events needs to be mapped by a session that is created with there id ($_SESSION[myusername]) when they login.

So i think i need 2 files. one to load all data from the public hol table and another to load personal events that match there id from the other table.

this sound simple but i think ive spent so long figuring it out im missing an easy point that is staring me in the face.

ive tried using the demo o2_customization/shared_events but i can only get the data to load on the month tab and not the others which seems strange.

Many Thanks


So i think i need 2 files
Yep it will be a most simple approach ( in case of custom server side code they data can be mixed in one data stream - but it will require a lot of coding )

You can

a) use multiple-sources extension … le_sources

b) use readonly extension … donly_view

c) configure data stream for public holidays, so they will have readonly field, with non empty value

d) put both urls in load command and only init dataprocessor with personal events handler

as result you will have both events in the calendar, but only personal will be editable.