Multiple tasks in single row


We are trying to mimic the method used in the following gantt chart.

The gantt is used for booking dates for rooms.
Multiple bookings can be done for each room.
Booking collisions should be displayed in a separate row for the same room.
All the features like drag, resize etc should work for each room item.
We have checked the addTaskLayer option but didn’t satisfy our needs.

Is there any way to implement our needs?

Thank you.

Multiple tasks in same row


This link takes us to an example with Scheduler.

The only way we can provide with multiple tasks in a single row in Gantt is … aying.html

I think dhtmlx Scheduler with timeline view will be more suitable to implement functionality you need.


Ok. Thank you :slight_smile:

It will be great if there is a framework with combination of gantt and scheduler.
In the scheduler there is no horizontal scrolls as in gantt.



Calendar can help implement a slightly different functionality.
It’s possible to set various date range of the scale and switch between dates by clicking on buttons.