Multiple timezone view of Scheduler


Assuming the data is always provided in GMT/UTC format, do you have any plans to implement a resource scheduler that would allow multiple timelines to be shown (to allow resource scheduling over multiple timezones).

GMT 07am 08am 09am 10am
EET 09am 10am 11am 12pm

Resource 1 (EET)
Resource 2 (EET)
Resource 3 (GMT)
Resource 4 (EET)

To allow such a view would clearly need the all timezone offset and daylight saving rule data available. However, the component could insist that this data is provided by the server.

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Keith White
Synergist Express Ltd, UK.

Nope, there are no such plans.

Handling timezone math on client side will complicate and slowdown code a lot


Thanks for the reply.

Is it possible to set the local timezone for a timeline? I’m thinking another way to show this could be split into more than one scheduler area, so one scheduler area for each timezone - date/time mappings would still be needed, of course.

This is for a commercial application, where we have developed a desktop scheduler which allows multiple timezones in one display, but we are looking to provide a web-based equivalent. Our server piece can provide GMT <–> Local date/time point mappings for each timezone required including daylight saving changes. With timeline data provided for each timezone/date/time slot being displayed, I don’t think the client side would be slowed down overly as no additional math would be needed.

Do you undertake paid-for development work to provide enhancements of this nature?

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Currently scheduler can show data only in the current timezone of browser. Implementing a custom timezone will require a serious changes in the codebase

Do you undertake paid-for development work to provide enhancements of this nature?

You can contact about custom development