Multiple trees - disable drag en drop between trees


I’m considering using dhtmlxtree for a project in which I have to display three trees on the same page.

In tree 1 I should only have drag and drop inside the tree, in fact the possibility to reorder items

In tree 2 and 3 the reordering should also be there, but it should also possible to drag and drop between those two trees.

After reading through the API documentation I didn’t see a way to accomplish that. From what I get once you enable drag and drop for a tree, it will always possible to drag and drop to another tree that has drag and drop enabled.

Is it possible to do the above?
Tree 1: only Drag and Drop inside the tree
Tree 2 and 3: Drag and Drop inside the trees and also between the trees

Thanks for the reply already.



the easiest solution is to use event handlers. There are onDrag and onDragIn events. Their handlers get ids of both source and target items and the objects of trees. If these handlers don’t return true, drag-n-drop will be denied. … ent_ondrag … t_ondragin