multiple users, private scheduler

Hi everyone!
I’m doing a private website with users and I want that each user have his own scheduler.
I’m using Java with Struts. I did the principal access page and then in the index page I’ve included the scheduler.
I put an example better.
Ok, for example: the user with email 1 enter in the website and saved an event. But if the user with email 2 enter into the web also see that event. And I don’t want that.
I throught in other field in the database like “user_email” that save the email of the user that is saving this event and then only load the events of the user logging.
But I don’t have any idea about how can i do it. I don’t know how add other field that can save the email and then how load with the condition of the email. Even I don’t know if this way could be possible.
I need help please.


Please check scheduler\samples\02_customization\shared_events\ sample.
You can limit what events are loaded to the user based by some condition (user id/email and so on) and during save add those values to event.

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Thanks for the answer.
I checked but is for php and I’m using Java. Are there any example in Java?
Because I think is different!