multiple users schedule

Hi guys. Great extension, but not so easy to use ! I’m sorry of being such a newbie, but I can’t understand how to have a multiple users schedule… I looked all over the documentation and the forum but still can’t get it ! Could you please explain a bit more the method for joomla 1.5 ?

  • At first, an additional js file needs being included” : where do I place it ? With which name ?
  • After that you need to define the collection, which will be used for x-scale creation” : where ? In a new file or an existing one ?
  • “then define name of the tab and the property of events for mapping” : where ?

I would also like that custom fields ( of the appointement) appears on the week vue, without having to look at the details… Is it possible ?

Waiting for your responses, thanks for your help !

So you need the view similar to next … units.html

In such case, if you are using version 2.0 of plugin, you need to do the next
Go to the schedler’s admin page, custom fields secton. Add new field, set type as select-list, add options with necessary user names, check “unit view” checkbox.
That is all.

It’s so easy I can’t believe I struggled so much, I thought I needed to modify the code !
Thank you for this quick reply and your great job on this component, if you need any help (french translation, beta tester…), don’t hesitate to ask me (tangelvy[at]
Have a good week-end !