Multiple Validators in Validation Extension

I see in the Validation Extension page ( that you can assign multiple validators to a single column


what I see when the column doesn’t pass the validation is that the event name is “NotEmpty,ValidInteger”. How do I know which validation failed?

I’m using v.2.6 build 100722 of the validaton extension, and unfortunately, upgrading our entire dhtmlx suite just isn’t an option right now.

Unfortunately it’s not available to recognize what validation rule is not passed.
you may only find the column which is not passed.

What I ended up doing was something like this:

grid.attachEvent("OnValidationError", function(rId, cInd, newVal, evtName, oldVal){
	var evtNames = evtName.split(",");
	for (var i=0; i < evtNames.length; i++) {
		if (!dhtmlxValidation.checkValue(newVal,evtNames[i], cell)) {
		switch ( evtNames[i]  ) {
			case "blah":
				//construct error mesage for event blah;
			case "foo":
				//construct error mesage for event foo;
		//report error to user
		return false;

and a similar routine in the OnValidationCorrect event

I really wish that the validation routine would also set an error object that held each event and whether it passed or failed validation:

validationEvents = {