Multiselect save BD


as I do to save my database, the values ​​of multiselect my way?

{type: “multiselect”, label: “IPS” , offsetTop:8, id:“id_ips”, name:“id_ips”, connector:"…/farmacias/xml.php?accion=ipsMultiSelect", filter:“true”, inputWidth: 200 , validate: “NotEmpty”},
in this case to save the two field values ​​"id_ips"

1393434636494_!nativeedit… inserted
1393434636494_apellidos 3434
1393434636494_cedula 434343
1393434636494_direccion erer
1393434636494_estado 1
1393434636494_id_ciudad 002
1393434636494_id_depto 05
1393434636494_id_ips 1,1397


The connector library doesn’t have any special support for multiselect fields. It will save value, but will save it all as a single string value.
If you need to save it in a different way - you can define a server side event handler and provide your own data saving logic.