Multiselection and key navigation



I need to be able to select multiple rows in the grid, but also have a specific cell highlighted (and move between cells/rows using keyboard). This was possible with v3, but I can’t find it in the latest version:

With “selection”: “complex” (and “multiselection”: true), I can move between rows and cells, but cannot select multiple rows. This seems the closest of all options, but multiselect is not implemented for it yet?

With “selection”: “row” (and “multiselection”: true), I can select multiple rows, but there’s no longer a cell highlighted.

And with “selection”: “cell” (and “multiselection”: true), I can move around the grid, and select multiple individual cells — but the row of the selected cell is not highlighted, and I don’t need to be able to select several cells in a row — just whole rows.

Here’s the sample I was experimenting with:


Unfortunately, the multiselection mode can be used with the “row” selection only.