Multitasking with dhtmlXWindows()


For my project, I’ve created a dashboard that will hold all the applications the my team and I have created. This is to help keep consistency for our applications using DHTMLX and so that our user can be at one place to access all our applications. Now I want to add a little bit of multitasking. I want to give the user an option to open our applications in different windows so they can be in more than one application.

I can open one application in a window, however, when I open a second application, the previous application is cleared from the previous window. That window is still there but the application is gone.

I’ve attached pictures below to show you what I mean.

Also, here’s the code that I’m using:




would you like to permanently unload you app from a window and keep only empty window? you can loop through opened windows before open a new one and detachObject()

No I want to keep the content inside the window. I want the user to be able to open an application in one window and open another application in another window and so on. So each window will contain a unique application so that the user can have more than one application opened.


sorry my mistake. well. any chance to have a direct link or demo? you also can send it to support at dhtmlx dot com


thanks for demo

well, the problem is in

you reattach it manualy to new window (in this case object detached from parent node
and attached to a new one)

line 70: appWindow.window(id).appendObject(‘home’);

I updated your code a bit, you need to create on the fly or previously inited objects
for each window, i.e. one window → one uniq div, also your code created windows
with same ids if I click ‘Home’ in a tree twice

I’ve attached updated file only, the rest were not changed,
just update it in your demo (1.23 KB)