Muticolumn combo columns css

Please provide an example of css definition for individual columns in multicolumn combo
Tony Wells


any screenshot with awaited result?

Perhaps a simple requirement may be one column red and another blue??
More complex requirements should be simple to apply?

Hello tonywells
You can try as a base sample
with combo from script.

myCombo.setTemplate({ input: "#capital#, #country#", columns: [ {header: "&nbsp;", width: 40, css: "flag", option: "<img src='#flag#' border='0' style='margin-top: 4px; margin-left: 2px;'>"}, {header: "Capital", width: 80, css: "capital", option: "#capital#"}, {header: "Country", width: 110, css: "country", option: "#country#"}, {header: "Proverb", width: 250, css: "proverb", option: "#proverb#"} ] });
You can found there property “css” for every column. So, if you want custom background for “capitel” column, you can add this background to the tag:

.capital { background-color: #20b2aa; }
And the result will be the next:

The same logic with xml and json loading: there is “css” property too, in a structure