Mutiple windows and calendars

I am opening a dhtmlxlayout and then opening windows within. But the calendar will always show up behind the windows if i have more than one window open. I am attaching the calendars to input boxes. Is there anyway to correct this?

Calendar z-index is 99. In case of opening multiple windows z-index of the second, third,… windows in bigger than 99.

So, try to increase the calendar z-index in the dhtmlxcalendar.css:




I tried that. But still have the same issue.

Could you please provide complete demo. Where we can recreate the issue.

Here is a streamlined sample. Both windows open when you browse to index.php. They both have a date field and the calendar shows up behind the form. Thanks for your help. (763 KB)


please try to use attached file instead of the original one. It will solve the issue (109 KB)