MVC Framework


Which MVC framework would you recommend to use with your product?



There is no preferred one.
DHTMLX components works nicely with any MVC framework
RoR for ruby, MVC.Net for .Net, Yii for php, Express for NodeJS - any of them is a good choose.


How about putting together DHTMLX and Knockout or Durandal?



As far as I can see - there is no good solution, how to use DHTMLX with Knockout.
Knockout was designed around data binding with HTML. When working with DHTMLX components you have javascript components, not HTML, so data binding can’t be used.


Would it be possible to create html wrappers for dhtmlx components to make them compatible with Knockout data binding?


Any more news on integrating DHTMLX controls with either AngularJS or Durandal JS?



Currently we don’t have any ready to use solution for angular integration. But it is relative easy to create an angular wrappers. Check the next articles


I see. So, I can do any dhtmlx component in a similar way?


Would it all possible to have Angular directive explained?


Do I understand it correctly that if we want to use dhtmlx controls with Angular framework then we would need to create a directive for every control? But what’s even harder is that a directive would need to replicate every property/method of the wrapped control to provide interaction with an outside world?


If you want to use directives - yep, you will need to create them.
There is no ready to use Angular integration.

On bright side, you don’t really need to convert all components to directives, as components can’t be initialized from js code (not very angular idiomatic, but possible) and for directives you need to handler only small fraction of functionality - functions that are will be used in this specific case.


Is there a way of integrating dhtmlx with angular without using directives? But my question was more of a general nature. If I want to integrate the components with any framework the wrappers will have to expose component’s functionality to other parts of an application? I am just not sure where to start to begin wrapping up any component.


<as components can’t be initialized from js code
Can you please clarify that?


Another question. can dhtmlx.js be loaded as a module?


Yep, you can use requireJS or any other similar module loader ( dhtmlx itself is not designed as a module, but requireJS and similar libs has functionality to load plain javascript files, as dhtmlx.js )


I see.
Now, I am trying to put together dhtml and canjs which initializes components in JavaScript. Won’t work, right?


Any chance someone can take a look at my last post?



Is there a limited number of questions to ask before buying the product? Because all of a sudden, no replies for weeks.


We don’t have any experience with CanJs, so we just can’t suggest anything usefull.
There is no limitation on questions here, but this is just a public forum, not the real support system.


My question wasn’t about CanJS. What I am asking is that:
<put together dhtml and canjs which initializes components in JavaScript
Can we have dhtmlx components initialized in JS code? Any plans on having this working in the future?