MVC Model: DHTMLX philosophy

I am successfully using your tree component and am very happy about it.

Still, something bothers me… It’s nice to know that nodes (or any other object) can be asynchronously refreshed and that events may be attached to the execution of these asynchronous tasks but is there any way to pump up the data from the other end, without having to explicitly force the reload on the client side in the tree? What if the xml behind the tree changes, is there anything the dhtmlxtree can do to catch these events (something different of course from reloading the node by the client)?


The modern browsers not support persistent connections , so the component can’t have constant connection to server, and react on server updates automatically.
To implement such use-case there are two approached
a) use server side polling - check status of server side datasource each N second and refresh whole tree when necessary
b) use Comet technology , to made persistent connection to server side datasource ( the tree has not built in Comet support, but it can be attached to any 3rd party Comet solution by existing event system )