MVC scheduler readonly LightBoxItem

Hi i’m using scheduler in mvc project and added LightBoxItems like this:

var txtNoteCentrale = new LightboxText(“noteCentrale”, “Note centrale operativa”);
txtNoteCentrale.Height = 50;

How i make it read only?


currently it’s only can be done via JS - you access a DOM element of the input and make it readonly

scheduler.attachEvent("onLightbox", function(){ var block = scheduler.formSection("noteCentrale"); var input = block.node.querySelector("textarea"); input.setAttribute("readonly", 1) }); … ction.html

hi thanks for your replay. i put this code on dhtmlxscheduler_custom.js and then include extension
But not function, also with full js path of the extension.

please show the error message, exactly how it shown in browser.
Does the error happens inside onLightbox handler? If so - on which line does it trigger