My question is about direction not order...pages-list-boxt o


when click for showing pages-list-box(page 1, page 2…), pages-list-box show down direction(position) not upper direction. box’s direction not content.

i want konw how could i set direction of pages-list-box to upper direction.



toolbar doesn’t provide API to show list to upper direction.

The next version of the components will posit a list automatically to the top if there is not enough space to show list down.

I know this is a really old post, but…

Is it possible to explicitly set the direction that the page combo select will open?

I have enablePaging on a grid where the paging toolbar is within a status area of a layout cell. I’ve setMaxOpen pages to 10.
The toolbar is near the bottom of the browser window and doesn’t display as I wish. I would prefer it displayed upwards.

Thanks in advance

The problem with the setMaxOpen method is confirmed and will be fixed in the next dhtmlxSuite update.

Hello Sematik
Thank you for the info.
I have also raised a support ticket for this issue - on June 30th - but have not yet received a response.
If a fix is available for this, I’d very much appreciate getting it now rather than waiting for general release.